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Liph (pronounced Life) is our specially formulated, patent pending high pH, oxygen rich liquid silica. We have spent the last ten years testing Liph at leading laboratories and major Universities. This testing has proven our product works and our science/abstracts have been printed in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology journals and presented at the annual meetings for the Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine. With today's fast paced lifestyles we don't always take care of ourselves like we should. Stress, disease and age often take a toll on our systems and depletes the very things we need to stay healthy and feel younger. Combine the benefits of silica, alkalinity and oxygen and we have a product that does amazing things inside and outside of your body. Collagen is connective tissue that literally holds the body together. Though many nutrients through the years have been discussed as involved or helpful with regard to collagen health, it is in fact the mineral silicon that is the key to collagen, and subsequently both strength and elasticity of the tissues including of blood vessels which makes silicon especially important regarding cardiovascular health. By taking Liph silica mineral supplement it may be possible to make your body much more effective at absorbing calcium. This will help with bone density and improve the strength of your bones. It can also help reverse or slow down the aging process by improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and other common skin problems. Silicon is also an extremely beneficial ingredient for maintaining the elasticity and natural glow of the skin. It also helps in brightening the eyes and may prevent other skin problems. Alkaline Concentrate*Alkaline Concentrate Drops*Topical Spray* Revitalizing Lotion* Body Cream*Soothing Face Gel also contain our proprietary ingredient "LipH"